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Simply Grand Cotons is a recipient of the Register of Merit Award from the former (pre-2010) USACTC. In 2010 the USACTC Board announced their intentions to seek American Kennel Club (AKC) recognition for the Coton de Tulear, an action to which the overwhelming majority of Coton owners & breeders were vehemently opposed. Fortunately, pro-AKC supporters among the Coton de Tulear community are still in the minority, & the USACTC has now lost most of their membership due to the mass exodus in reaction to the Board's decision. In 2010 Simply Grand Cotons, along with numerous other Coton de Tulear breeders & owners, withdrew all further support, participation, & membership activity, & renounced the USACTC, voluntarily & permanently. The few remaining members are gradually splintering into new organizations to try to distance themselves from the taint of USACTC name recognition. As the Founder & Past President of the Advocates for the Coton de Tulear, LLC, Simply Grand has assisted in bringing together concerned Coton de Tulear supporters (both breeders & owners) whose efforts are to protect the original rare breed heritage of the Coton de Tulear. We say "NO" to the USACTC & the AKC!

At Simply Grand Cotons, Coton de Tulear puppies are our love and our passion. Our goal is to breed top quality Cotons for both the show ring and the pet home, while improving upon our breeding stock with each breeding. We are very proud, not only of our accomplishments in the show ring, but with the quality which is evident from our breeding program. We plan our matings carefully, breeding only exceptional quality, well tempered dogs who have been tested clear of genetic problems. We try to find only the top quality homes for our puppies, and hope to foster ongoing communication and rapport to provide continuing support for our puppy purchasers.

We support comprehensive health testing for all breeding animals and promote championship competition to ensure that the breed is enhanced by our efforts. We are committed to, above all, HEALTH, LONGEVITY, TEMPERAMENT and CONFORMATION. All of our breeding stock is tested for genetic anomalies with the original certificates available for inspection. All breeding animals are certified for patellas, cardio, and eyes (CERF), and all have undergone complete blood chemistry panel testing which includes thyroid. Genetic DNA testing is completed on all parents. Every show/breed prospect puppy bred and placed by us goes with our statement of policy concerning genetic anomalies found in the first two years and our guarantee provisions. While attaining championships is one priority, the champion Coton de Tulear should first and foremost be a wonderful pet and enjoy a long and healthy life. All companion puppies are sold under spay/neuter contracts and limited registration. We strive for loving, intelligent, beautiful, and highly socialized puppies.Our Coton puppies are registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and/or the United Kennel Club, which are internationally recognized worldwide canine organizations. We at Simply Grand are among the first Coton breeders in the United States to obtain DNA Profiles on our Cotons, providing an indisputable database of parentage and identification for our puppies.

Our puppies are born and raised in our home where they spend their time with our family and friends. They are well socialized with lots of hands-on contact. From the moment they are born, they are handled and placed on different textured surfaces and different objects are placed in their nursery for them to smell and investigate. Once they can see and hear, they are exposed to varying sites and sounds. They have a music box attached to their sleeping area for sensory stimulation. Once they are old enough to venture outside to play with their mother, they romp in the sunlight of the patio and receive plenty of exercise in a playful environment with interactive toys.

At seven weeks of age Simply Grand puppies are given a Puppy Aptitude test to pinpoint the individual puppy's character traits and to ensure that each puppy is suited for his new home. This evaluation tests the willingness to retrieve, follow, forgive, think for themselves, and their reactions to strange and unusual sights and sounds. It is an early indication of their temperament as adults. By the time they leave us, they have had all their puppy shots to date and lots of love and valuable training.

With the purchase of your new puppy you will be provided complete care and feeding guidelines, a vaccination protocol schedule to provide to your veterinarian, shopping recommendations including the locations to purchase the items, reading material about housetraining and obedience, and a "take home" tote basket including your puppy's favorite toys, food and treat goodies, grooming items, and wee-wee pads for the journey home. Bringing a puppy into a household is an exciting time for you as well as your puppy, but it is best to give your puppy the time to rest and settle in without too much interference and handling. Everything is very new and possibly a bit confusing. He will be missing his littermates. If you have children, they will have to be a little patient until their new puppy settles in to his new routine.

Once the puppy feels safe and secure, the natural playfulness and curiosity will come to the fore and you will be rewarded with many hours of delightful companionship.

We like to spend the time getting to know your family and your lifestyle to enable us to pick the best puppy for your situation. Each puppy has its own personality traits. We have spent the last ten weeks with the litter and want to give you the puppy that best suits your lifestyle. If you aren't happy with the puppy, we know that the puppy will not be happy either. The most dominant puppy, for example, needs an experienced handler and will not fit easily into a family purchasing their first pet.

At ten weeks of age a puppy may exhibit show potential but only time will tell if, indeed, it develops into a show dog that we would eventually consider breeding. If you wish to purchase a show/breed prospect Coton, you might be best to purchase a slighter older puppy. As breeders, our mission is to produce puppies that ALL closely resemble the written breed standard, in both conformation and temperament. We have done the prerequisite health testing and pedigree research with the aim of consistently producing healthy, sound puppies. The show ring is a very competitive arena. Most puppies in a litter will be of pet quality, even though they come from the same bloodline as the champion puppy. These puppies may have a minor flaw that is most likely indistinguishable to the average person that prevents them from competing in the show ring. The exact same amount of effort to produce sound, healthy animals has gone into rearing this companion puppy as has gone into the rearing of the show puppy. The pet quality puppy will exhibit the same qualities that we are striving to produce in ALL puppies: sound health, great temperament, and the desire to be your loving companion.

Simply Grand Cotons has successfully completed the following advanced breeder education programs:

2011 - Safer Pet Vaccinations Workshop/Seminar, Dr. Jean Dodds, Phoenix, AZ
2006 - Canine Reproduction and Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar, Myra Savant-Harris, RN, Phoenix, AZ
2002 - George Alston Advanced Canine Conformation and Handling Seminar and Workshop, Tucson, AZ
2001 - Advanced Canine Reproduction Seminar, Dr. Robert Van Hutchison, DVM, Phoenix, AZ

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